Needed Food Bank Items

Here is a list of the things we need in the food bank as of Aug 1st, 2020: Baby items: formula; canned items: fruit, meats (chicken, ham, luncheon meat, salmon & tuna), canned pasta (Beefaroni, Ravioli, Lasagna), soup (tomato & creamed soups), stew, vegetables: beans (kidney, garbanzo, etc) [no chick peas, baked beans or lentils], carrots, … [Read more…]

our Hours

New Legacy Centre will not be open to the public during this COVID-19 pandemic threat. If you, or anyone you know, is in need of anything we can provide please call Valerie at 613-379-5656; text to 613-331-2709 or e-mail We will make arrangements to deliver. Stay safe!

Home-cooked Meals

New Legacy Centre is now able to provide an individual with 6 home-cooked meals per week. On July 15th, 2020, we partnered with Morningstar Mission located in Napanee, ON. They cook the meals and deliver to New Legacy Centre. If you live in Tamworth, or surrounding area, and require or would appreciate receiving this service … [Read more…]


This program is temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.    You must place and pay for your GOOD FOOD BOX order at New Legacy Centre during the hours of operation, by the 1st Friday of the month.  ONLY CASH PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED. Pick up at New Legacy Centre on the 3rd Thursday of each … [Read more…]