Open Hours for Month of September & October 2018:

SEPTEMBER:Tuesday 25th: 11 am – 2 pm;  Thursday 27th: 1 – 4 pm;      OCTOBER: Mondays (except Thanksgiving Day) 11AM – 3PM; Tuesdays: 11AM – 5PM (except the 5th: 11AM – 2PM); Wednesdays: open only at 7 PM for Bible Study (everyone welcome); Thursdays & Fridays: 1 – 4PM Phone #: 343-884-5041

Needed Food Bank Items

Here is a list of the things we need in the food bank as of July 31, 2018: Baby items: especially formula & diapers; canned items: fruit, Beefaroni, Ravioli, Lasagne, meats (chicken, ham, luncheon meat [not tuna]), milk, pasta sauce, vegetables (carrots, corn, kidney beans, potatoes, green beans [not peas]), soups – all (except tomato), fruit, pork … [Read more…]

Prayer and Praise:

Prayer & Praise will be held at 6:30 PM on the 1st Friday of each month. Everyone is welcome to participate

Soup and a Biscuit

On the 3rd Friday of every month, a Bowl of Soup & a Biscuit will be offered to all who come to New Legacy Centre during open hours.  This service is offered free of charge but if you wish to make a donation it will be gladly accepted and greatly appreciated.